Tanks and Pumps

We provide install and repair and complete maintenance on tanks and pumps. If your current pressure or hot water tank is older or causing you concern, then give us a call and we can set up a time for a new install.  Propane and natural gas hot water tanks and electric are available. We have experience with many pump types including jet and sewage and well pumps. We are also available to troubleshoot or fix an issue that may be happening and provide emergency service. Call us today for tanks and pumps. 


Pressure Tank and Pumps

Did You Know?

It is a good idea to have regular maintenance completed on commercial hot water heaters because these are more complex then your average water heater. There is more demand on these units and in most cases, it is very important for commercial businesses to ensure their hot water is sufficient, because if something went wrong with the water heater, this could affect your business.

Hot water heaters are susceptible to many issues such as, thermostat issues, leaks and general ageing. In a commercial setting, demand issues typically come up. If your hot water heater does not seem to be meeting moderate demand, this could be a sign and there could be a sediment buildup on the bottom of the tank or the burner assembly could be clogged. If you notice drastic temperature changes, this could be a problem with the dip tube. It could be cracked or completely broken. Leaks can happen on all hot water heaters, however could be worse with commercial tanks. The unit itself is generally larger and as a result, more water may leak out, also, the leak may also go undetected if it is not regularly checked.

There are many energy efficient units available for commercial settings and in some situations, a new water heater is the best answer.

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